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Financial Consultation

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we contact you?

New Client should send an email at for inquiry and questions regarding taxes, payroll, bookkeeping and notary public services. You will be given a detailed instructions on the process of how to move forward with our services. We value the time and effort you put into sending us your inquiry, so we promise to response to you within one business day or less. To honor our commitment, I will send an invoice reflecting a nominal consultation fee, payment to it will confirm your appointment.

How to book an appointment and how can we meet?

Meetings can take place in person or via video conference. We value your time and my time, so once we receive your email inquiry, we will add you to our meeting lists and notify you by phone of our appointment.

Can we call you to inquire?

As much as I would like to answer your question over the phone, I would prefer to learn more about you or your company. Email is the best way for us to ensure that when the time comes for us to call you, we will be prepared to present you with a solution to your problem.

How do you communicate with clients after onboarding?

Once we already have established a client relationship, communication will be more constant, or as needed base on client demand. Regular client can call, email or text anytime during business hours if questions or inquiry is related to his or her account.

How do you safeguard our important documents and how long do you keep a copy of it?

We will return your original records at the end of our engagement. You should securely store these records, along with all supporting documents as these items may later be needed to prove accuracy and completeness of a return. We will electronically retain copies of your records and our work papers for your engagement for seven years, after which these documents will be destroyed

Can you explain the work time-line or completion?

I am very particular when it comes to due dates, so expect that we will deliver completion of work accurately, the fastest possible time. However, this is only possible if the client cooperate and  agrees to comply with the requirement we need to perform the work as fast as possible.

Do you keep my document and the information contained in it confidential?

Information you provide will be kept confidential. We restrict access to your information and maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect your information.

How much do you usually charge?

Our fee will be based on the complexity of the return, bookkeeping situation and will be quoted in advance of our work. I usually required a deposit upon signing an engagement and remaining balance should be settled after completion and delivery of work.

How do you usually process onboarding?

Once we have agreed on a price, I will send you an engagement contract outlining the scope of work I will be performing. We will both sign it, and I will send you a copy either electronically or in hard copy.

Then I'll start sending you a checklist and a list of requirements that I will need to complete the job. For instance, if a new client, a copy of the previous year's tax return record, government ID, a financial statement such as a balance sheet, and so on. For tax planning client, I will provide you with a list and checklist of credits that we can legally claim, and if applicable to you.

How can we pay?

You can pay online or in person. We accept Cash, Cheque, Credit Card, Debit Card, ACH or etransfers. In addition we can set up pre - authorized withdrawal for recurring client for a seamless payment processing.

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